Alice Artaud

Alice Artaud is a singer, musician and songwriter who cherishes words and folk music since her early childhood. Her songs tell strange and mysterious tales inspired by mysticism, mythology, esotericism and magic.

After her two debut albums, La balade des émotions and Étrange est le soir, and appearances on Cosmic Trip Machine and Will Z. albums, Alice Artaud worked on Ouroboros, probably one of the weirdest psych-folk albums ever.

Ouroboros tells the tale in French of a giant snake who sends dreams to children and of a Masked Queen who wants to kill him.

In 2018, she teamed again with Will Z. to release a concept album based on Moira, the Fates characters of the Greek mythology.


2018: Moira (Open Your Eyes/Freaksville) RW403/OYE026
2015: Ouroboros (Open Your Eyes/Freaksville) OYE012
2011: Étrange est le soir
2010: La balade des émotions


One of the best I've heard this year. - The Active Listener

Seriously, you'll not encounter such a more mysterious and bewitching listening experience. Musical reveries abridged by narrative interludes that swirl and shimmer like fleeting lullabies and hazy school yard nursery rhymes, all ghosted in choral raptures and steeped in a melodic vintage that pre-dates modern day pop expressionism. With the woozily waltzing La danse du cycle being prime contender for moment of the set. - The Sunday Experience

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