The Book Of AM

Multicultural folk project formed in the island of Mallorca during the 70's which has gained cult status as years passed by.

The Book Of Am is a unique combination of recordings and artwork, a testament of the hippie scene which flourished in the Baleric islands during the 70's. Known to record collectors and psych/folk/prog music aficionados, this multicultural project, formed in the island of Mallorca, recorded a beautiful album which has gained cult status as years passed by.

Originally devised as a beautifully illustrated book, the project was planned to be coupled with 4 LP's focused on folklore, legends, lore and cosmologies of some of the world's oldest cultures, from ancient Egypt to Celtic traditions. This 4 LP set would correspond to the four phases of day (Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Evening).

Only the first part of this record (Dawn/Morning) would eventually see the light of day in a very limited pressing which changes hands nowadays for obscene amounts of money. In 2004, Wah Wah Records reissued the original album and, for the first time, the book and the second part of 1978 sessions mastered.

In 2011, Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta Mansilla, with the help from Will Z., recorded together the two last parts using original Deià demos to complete the project. In 2018, oG produced NIGHT, the last part of The Book Of AM.


2018 : Book of AM - NIGHT (LP) LPS 213
2013 : Book of AM - Afternoon / Evening (LP) LPS 122
2006 : Wah Wah Records (Book of AM - Dawn / Morning, LP / CD + Book) LPS 021/BELLE 091587-8
1978 : Celluloid records (Book of AM - Dawn, LP) LTM 1016


Even though we hear some of the original singers' voices grown just slightly with age, their innocence is still intact, leaving only an appropriate vision from the afternoon/evening of life. If though a few times in some of the improvisations the guitars now and then strum its rhythms together, with the vocal arrangements, lots of sitar, some 12 strings, flute improvisations and such, these sessions show a similar psych-folk sweetness and magic compared to the first part, making this a perfect addition. - Psychedelic Folk

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