Cosmic Trip Machine

Cosmic Trip Machine is a psychedelic project hailing from Belgium and having a sure feeling for the 60/70s hippie atmosphere and musically deep in retro psych folk and heavy.

Lord Space Devil Trilogy began in 2000, but was delayed during 8 years due to divergences with musician from Will Z. and Majnun previous band. The two friends decided to carry on alone because the studio was already booked. Few months later, Lord Space Devil was downloaded more than 5000 times from the official website of the band, by mere word of mouth and recommendations from websites and magazines.

In March 2009, Cosmic Trip Machine recorded Vampyros Roussos, second part of Lord Space Devil Trilogy, an imaginary 70's psychedelic erotic horror soundtrack and rock opera inspired by Vampyros Lesbos, Psych-Out, Beyond the Valley of Dolls, Suspiria, Carnival of Souls, The Holy Mountain and many more. Sloowtapes released a Vampyros Roussos tape collector version, sold out in two weeks. A CD version was then distributed and, finally, two years later, a LP pressed by Nasoni.

Between 2009 and 2010, Cosmic Trip Machine worked on the last Lord Space Devil Trilogy part, Son of Lord Space Devil. Will Z. and Majnun had many difficulties with the preparation of this double album with four different suites (disease, depression, technical problems...). The early takes were judged as "poor". Son of Lord Space Devil was shelved on March 2010: the two musicians thought this album (and the 20 minutes master piece Amethyst in particular) possessed a negative power. However, some of the tracks were salvaged and rearranged, and the album title became The Curse of Lord Space Devil, produced by oG. The band appeared on oG third album, A Flying Leap Over The Fence, and released a final album, Golden Horus Name inspired by Egyptian mythology and psych-folk musician Ramases, before splitting up mid-2014.


2013: Golden Horus Name (Nasoni Records) NASONI 124/OYE009
2011: Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals (Reverb Worship) RW140/OYE004
2010: The Curse Of Lord Space Devil (Nasoni Records) NASONI 102/OYE003
2009: Vampyros Roussos (Nasoni Records) OYE002/Moon of the Roe-buck/NASONI 115
2008: Lord Space Devil OYE001



Take your time and let the music flow. Monotony or boredom - what's that? A diversified piece of work with a professional sound mixing - rich on ideas and instrumentation. - ProgArchives

If you're intrigued by psychedelic, progressive or folk sounds, this project is not to be missed. - Concreteweb

The talents of composers get high and never go flat or boring. - Amarokprog

Records that really have grown on me, even after the first 2-3 listens. - Prog-Sphere

All the things in their sound that we love is here! - Gew Gaw Fanzine

A great and delicate psychedelic rock, simply beautiful, which makes you want to know other Cosmic Trip Machine albums and to float in their musical imagination. - Music in Belgium

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