Distinguished by refined songwriting and crafty arrangements, concept albums by oG create an unruly sonic universe within the confines of ethereal folk-rock.

A subtle and tasteful production bestows the albums with a cunning Seventies' vibe. Mainly instrumental, oG’s records feature entertaining trips and haunting melodies mixing together folk, psych, pop, rock, baroque and jazzy influences. Highly visual and very evocative, oG builds introspective journeys into phantasmagorical lands where time moves backwards and nostalgia comes back. oG obviously pays particular attention to the artwork of his albums, as witnessed by legendary illustrators (Philippe DRUILLET, Marijke KOGER and Wayne ANDERSON) who designed oG covers.


2016: Out of The Darkness OG004
2012: (The Woman Who Took) A Flying Leap Over The Fence (Nasoni Records) NASONI124B/C
2010: La Transformation OG002
2009: La Pendule OG001


Far away from common mainstream productions on the other hand. Obviously nothing for headbangers - so much the more dedicated to lovers of charming music. - Prog Archives

Dura lex sed lex: fate of great records is such that they rarely choose their era. - Gonzaï

A great psychedelic trip even before being albums. - Interlignage

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