The Prunes

The Prunes are a mysterious and anonymous psychedelic, experimental and avant-garde music collective.

In May 2009, a notorious libertine Patron who wanted to have real fun with Paupiette, his favourite Portuguese dwarf, approached The Prunes, a mysterious and anonymous band, to produce a sex album tape for a Masonic Satanic Party. The result is "Summer Of Prunes", an experimental, psychedelic, accidental and disturbing album. Warning! Pure madness from exposure to the sounds heard when Summer Of Prunes is played is a possible consequence.

This release was recorded on 20 different French Vintage Children's Cassette Tape. The 20 different cardboard covers were designed by a three years old child, using water color, pastel, marker pens and pencils.


2017: Summer Of Prunes OYE019


Summer Of Prunes will not be suitable to everyone. - New Underground Music

With the well-named "Summer Of Prunes", be sure to thrill children and adults. - Shoot Me Again

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