Will Z.

Will Z. is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Belgium who explores several genres, mainly psychedelic rock and acid folk, incorporating Indian music and experimental elements. He is also known for his work with The Book Of AM 'cult' project and the band Cosmic Trip Machine.

In 2012, Will Z. was totally immersed in The Book Of AM production and recordings. He discovered it was the kind of music he wanted to play, but felt it would be a solo adventure. He released a totally improvised meditation opus called Shambhala album in almost 10 days, then, the following year, a "negative" version of his first solo album. The result, 12 Visions (inspired by the island of Mallorca, the alchemy book, Twelve Philosophical Keys, and J-K Huysmans novel, Là-Bas) gained an instant cult status. During 2013 and 2014, he worked on The Book Of Intxixu, sequel of The Book Of AM with Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth from Gong, and Dark Tales Of Will Z., a collection of dark electric numbers. His fourth album, New Start, out in June 2, 2015, was inspired by Jain philosophy, the celebration of the birth of his son, an homage to these great artists with whom he’d collaborated. In 2015, Will Z. went on a tour, mainly in Belgium and Germany, performing concerts based on 12 Visions, Dark Tales and New Start songs. He recorded a Live album called The Saint, The Martyr And The Monk to celebrate this epic and final tour. A New Mirrored You, his fifth album, is based on Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and A New Life by Dante Alighieri.


2016: A New Mirrored You (G.O.D. Records) OYE015/GOD008
2016: The Saint, The Martyr And The Monk (Reverb Worship) RW322/OYE014
2015: New Start (Mega Dodo) DODO9/OYE013
2014: Dark Tales Of Will Z. (Headspin Records) Headspin/OYE011
2013: 12 Visions (69 WATT) WATT3/OYE010
2012: Shambhala Album (Reverb Worship) RW196/OYE007



A highly absorbing and earthily cosmic panoply of songs as creative within historic palpability as anything yet produced in the music world. - Acoustic Music

The old concept, the production, the nice gatefold packaging are the "guarantees" that characterize those albums that will stay - Vinylmine

Am I floating in space? The textures in the music go perfect. - Cvlt Nation

It's rock and roll that Satan himself would make! - Doomed & Stoned

It creates a building sense of tension and dread, as if something terrible is waiting. - No Clean Singing

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